Isu Global Warming

The data suggests the planet continues to experience an alarming increase in temperature from year to year. Besides the more heat around us, should also be aware of the many natural disasters that tend to become less of control lately. Starting from flood, tornado, gas blast, until rainfall erratic from year to year.

Realize that these are natural signs which indicate that our beloved planet is going through a process leading to damage to the destruction. This is directly related to global issues increasingly rampant recently discussed by the world community that is Global Warming (Global Warming).

Is it global warming? Briefly global warming is the increase in average temperature of the earth's surface.

Global Warming

Research that has been done by the experts during the last few decades shows that the heat was more of the planet is directly related to the gas-greenhouse gases produced by human activities.

Specifically to oversee the causes and effects produced by global warming, United Nations (UN) formed a research group called the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Every few years, thousands of experts and the world's best peneliri incorporated in the IPCC held a meeting to discuss the latest discoveries relating to the global pemansan, and draw a conclusion from the reports and findings collected, and then make a deal for the solution of the problem .

One of the first things they found was that some types of greenhouse gases directly responsible for warming we are experiencing, and the largest contributor is people from the creation of gases such greenhouse. Most of these greenhouse gases produced by burning fossil fuels in motor vehicles, modern factories, farms, and power plants.

Greenhouse Gas

Earth's atmosphere consists of a variety of gases with a function different. Gas groups maintain the earth's surface temperature to stay warm-called "greenhouse gases". Called greenhouse gases because the gases work in the earth's atmosphere is similar to the workings of a functioning greenhouse heat of the sun in it so that the temperature inside the greenhouse remains warm, so the plants in them would be able to grow well because it has a heat enough sun.

Our planet is basically gases need to keep life in it. Without the presence of greenhouse gases, the earth would be too cold to live in the absence of heat isolating layer of the sun. In comparison, the planet mars which has a thin layer of atmosphere and do not have the greenhouse effect has an average temperature of-32o Celsius.

Largest contributor to global warming today is dioksia carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) is produced by agriculture and livestock (mainly from the digestive system of cattle), nitrgen oxide (NO) from the fertilizer, and gases used in refrigerators and air conditioning (CFC). Destruction of forests that should serve as the storage of CO2 is also increasingly aggravate this situation because the trees that die will release the CO2 stored in the network to the atmosphere.

Each greenhouse gas has a global warming effect different. Some gas warming effects more severe than CO2. As an example of a molecule of methane produces 23 times the heating effect of CO2 molecules. NO molecules to produce heating effects even heating effects for up to 300 times the CO2 molecules. Other gases such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) that produces a warming effect thousands of kai from CO2. But fortunately the use of CFCs has been banned in many countries because CFCs have long been blamed for the destruction of the ozone layer.

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