Orange Juice Earings

I collect my softdrink can and clean it well. I wonder, what can i do to this peace of crap?
Hmm.. what about earings? Not a brilliant idea but i think the printed image looks good and cute. Here we go...

I promise you to get a better shape next time, and i'll show to you. I need more time to do experiments. If i got an inspiration about soft drink can, i will post it here and let you know.

Funny momment

This morning i had to clean up my bunny's and hamster's cage. I put my bunny's cage outside the house, then i got busy with the hamsters. Suddenly, i found a cat. He was starring at my bunny's Jabrik. They both starring each other. And this is the cute momment.. No fear, no gain.. Because Jabrik is bigger than the cat... LOL! Anyway, i had to let the cat stay away from the house, i had hamsters inside the house and that might be dangerous for them.

Inpiration: TUTORIAL: Messenger Bag with Zip Top Closure

Click here to see the tutorial...

Inspiration: Tutorial Baby Food Jar

Use this jar to keep your needles  and buttons. It's also cute as a give to your lovely friend.

Check this link for the tutorial click here

Inspiration: Plush Cupcakes by Fantastic Toys

Don't you think they are  cute little plushies...?? 

Check them out  here click!

What should I tell you?