Sweet Rose, Yummy Rose..

Yay, it's already May! My goodness, i have sooo much to do in this May. I think it's okay to spend a couple hour for updating my blog.

First of all, let me introduce you Nisa. Thank you soo much for recommending my blog.. Still Living on Earth (at) Blogspot. Many thanks for Nisa! (mmmuach! :kiss :kiss). And you guys, go visit her blog. She has a nice beauty blog and it's so inspiring me..

A couple days ago my boyfriend visited Yogyakarta, it's a beautiful and exotic city in my country (Indonesia). I asked him to bring me something unique. Then this is what i got from him, "gulali". Here's the picture. This rose was so sweet and yummy. I can eat the whole part of this rose, yeah.. of course.. because "gulali" is a candy, tradisional candy. 100% sugar, water, and food coloring.

Why did he me brought gulali? yep! He knows, i love sweet things (something to eat and it's sweet). It reminds me my childhood, when i was in elementary school. In my school, there was a man who sell gulali.. he made a lot of gulali with many different shape. It was orange and lil' bit red.. it's like the color of carrot but reddish. And it smells like caramel. Thanks God i can taste gulali one more time, since i graduated from elementary school, 12 years ago. xoxo



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