Cardboard DVD's Box

Watching movie is one of my hobby, i have a lot of DVD’s collection and i always having trouble to keep it. Buying DVD’s case? Yes, i already have some. But i want to make my own DVD’s box, to keep them in place.

I use an old cardboard box (i also have alot of them, but i don’t collect them, i just keep them at my storage room .. haha), a shynthetic leather in red and chrome, and a ribbon. Quick, simple, easy and very useful. And it also eye catchy, love it so much!

The most important thing is, the lousy old cardboard box become a cute, red, DVD’s box. It looks clean too, i think cardboard doesn’t look clean.


Anonymous said...

Hello!!! I like your DIY a lot!!!
I want to find some free time to create something, too!!
Nice blog!!!
Laura from Italy

Earth!!! said...

Thanks, Laura! It doesn't take to much time, actually...

I'll post my next DIY things for you..

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